Mockup of Carrie Berkman Lewis brand identity in the left lockup as an embossed mark on textured paper

Carrie Berkman Lewis Brand Identity

Carrie Berkman Lewis, Douglas Elliman, Brand Identity, Logo Design

Real estate agent Carrie Berkman Lewis was long overdue for a brand identity refresh, and I was happy to create something that represented the integrated, and reliable, service she provides her clients. 

Initial design iterations were kept simple with a clean, thin typography leaning more towards a refined, modern feel. While the initial two rounds of design were successful, the agent took some time to review and figure out what approach would best represent the direction she wanted to present to future business. 

Months after the initial design rounds, the design approach was revisited to be more in conjunction with the direction she had taken with her website development. Based on a visual study of her drafted website, I revised the approach of typography to have more presence. The weight of typography changed to be stronger, and more steady, while the integration of letters in the monogram hinted at a detailed, and thorough, approach to her business. The required “at Douglas Elliman Real Estate” byline matched font family with a lighter weight, pulling back to the refined, luxury approach from early design rounds.

Round 1 of the Brand Identity design presentation for the client, with thin typography and variations in monogram composition. Colors were kept intentionally simple for initial design rounds.

Round 3 of the Brand Identity design presentation for the client. Quite a leap from Round 1, while keeping initial intentions.