Douglas Elliman Advertising for Campaigns, Properties, and Events

Douglas Elliman, Print Advertising

Examples of print advertisements under Douglas Elliman’s brand, newly launched in 2020. Since 2020 the brand has developed in design language to expand beyond the initial framework of relational texture-framing into one exuding confidence, refinement, and reliability.

These two matrixes of various single-page advertisements demonstrate the adaptation of Douglas Elliman branding to cover content ranging from agent-led public event, congratulatory ads (for various industry rewards), and corporate campaign advertising, to single-and multi-property advertisements for agents. In the case of Eklund|Gomes, their branding is adjusted to be in alignment with Douglas Elliman’s branding, creating a design language that allows the successful agent team to maintain an individual identity without obscuring Douglas Elliman’s role in their business.


Dimensions: variable based on publication and ad reservations.