Alex Amerri

Hello! I’m Alex Amerri—your friendly interdisciplinary artist and designer on a mission to blend creativity, adventure, and a hefty dose of humor. Buckle up for a journey through the vibrant tapestry of my life!

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA and a Masters in Architecture from SCI-Arc, I’m not just pushing boundaries in design; I’m breaking them with a smile. I have a particular panache for developing design systems, languages, and architectures that enable growth and adaptability.

My canvas spans the globe—I’ve waltzed through the international landscapes, soaking up cultures like a sponge. With a Persian heritage and an internationalist mindset, my experiences are as diverse as my free-thinking spirit. Been there, done that? Yes, and I can probably offer some tips to make your experience even better.

As a founder and leader of Ride-Arc, I’ve orchestrated a symphony of social bicycle rides, exploring everything from architecture and urban planning to the quirks of social anthropology. Ever heard of laughter echoing through the streets on a bicycle? That was probably us.

Did I mention my stint as the President of the Board for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition? Yes, 7.5 years of steering an impossibly complex organization and championing sustainable transportation. It’s not just about the journey; it’s about making sure others can enjoy it too.

Among the planetary bodies of art, I orbit around the Situationist movement and its own horizon views of other systems, merging practical and philosophical magnetic fields into my projects. Aesthetics and intent are my dynamic duo, whether crafting something visually complex or elegantly simple. Puns are my secret weapon—the highest form of humor, a testament to my deep understanding of language.

I’m not just a mind—oh no, this body is a temple of endurance and exploration. Whether it’s pedaling through the open roads, hiking rugged trails, or conquering mountaintops, my athletic mindset weaves into every aspect of life. Living by Buddhist psychology, I embody perseverance, endurance, and tenacity. Ambition and Alacrity are my middle names, which is probably why people cheerfully yell “AAAA!” when they approach me for a warm hug, and I’ve got non-limiting self-beliefs to boot. When I’m not crafting masterpieces, you’ll find me getting hands-on and dirty—I love working with my hands.

So, here’s to breaking molds, climbing peaks, and pedaling through life with a grin. I’m Alex Amerri—artist, adventurer, and your go-to source for boundless inspiration. Cheers to the next big thing!


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