A matrix showing the cover and interior pages for the Solomon Property Group's Expired Listings Brochure

Solomon Property Group Brand Collateral Suite

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The Solomon Property Group is a highly successful agent team based in the western area of Los Angeles County. When they joined Douglas Elliman I was asked to create a suite of collateral materials specific to their own brand and business operations. Their primary aesthetic reference was to mimic the simplicity of James Perce–a fashion brand that carries little in the way of copy and content–the very opposite of the business of real estate.


After the objective of a refreshed logo design was completed, I created an Expired Listings Packet, which is a multi-page brochure introducing the SPG team of agents, and their successful track record, to potential clients who have expiring, unsold listings with other agents. Further brand suite elements included postcards, social media layouts (for post and story), marketing brochures, and more.

One requirement for all of these assets was to have the templates be easily editable by their team members, not Douglas Elliman’s marketing division. With this in mind, the design architecture included intrinsic adaptation to the variable of future copy changes and unpredictable qualities in property photography.


As with most projects developed for agents under Douglas Elliman, the designer is rarely, if ever, given a copy of their work. With this consideration, mockups demonstrate the final product.


Dimensions: variable based on asset.
Assets Produced: logo, brochures, postcards, social media templates

I designed a bi-fold, mailable brochure for the agents of Solomon Property Group. This marketing touch point would be sent out monthly, covering market trends, SPG activity, and other relevant points of information for potential, current, and former clients.

Postcard templates for the Solomon Property Group

Templates for postcards were designed for the team, allowing them to choose styles based on the case-by-case considerations of a property’s photography, listing status, and the marketing intent. All templates maintained aesthetic attributes and correct results accounting for the unpredictable possibility of what the agent or team-member will write for copy.

Mockups showing social media posts for the Solomon Property Group.

I created templates for SPG to use in generating their own social media posts for market conditions in the areas they focus their business. The formatting allowed for clean representation in the profile grid despite the post’s portrait orientation.