Micro Market Report 2023 –

Douglas Elliman, Market Reports, Corporate Collateral, Data Analysis

Three years after the significant Douglas Elliman rebrand, it was time to further develop the brand’s aesthetic to better match a representation of luxury, confidence, and reliability. I redesigned the Micro Market Report for a third time, changing the approach on style throughout the entire document while maintaining compatibility with the intricate script that is used to generate the PDF from the supplied data spreadsheet.


The cover now matches the layout of the revamped Buyer and Seller Guides, and the California Yard Signs, further tying in the correlation of identity between being in the market to completing a sale (or purchase)


Interior pages were updated as well. Sections that start each County’s micro-markets are now clearly differentiated with a bold use of the Douglas Elliman dark blue-black. Each area’s report has a clearer definition of the type of data (single-family residences vs condominiums) and the data itself has been re-arranged to highlight the most important aspects relevant to clients and agents.

Additional assets were created to help agents use and promote this important collateral. Social media images for Post and Story purposes were produced for each month’s publication, as well as an e-mail graphic that is readily available for agents to send through the company’s marketing system or their other email channels.

The Micro Market Report is produced monthly from an extensive data set which is provided as a spreadsheet. It covers over 200 (and growing) neighborhoods and cities throughout six counties in California. Since its inception for Douglas Elliman California, the concept has been adapted by other regions and offices for Douglas Elliman across the nation.


Dimensions: PDF, final trim is 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (8.5″ x 11″)
Distribution and Intent: digital distribution, intended for screen, can be printed as needed.

A PDF example of the Micro Market Report with the updated design iteration.