A matrix of various pages taken from the standard Douglas Elliman Listing Presentation.

Listing Presentations

Douglas Elliman, Corporate Collateral, Print and Screen Presentation

The Douglas Elliman Listing Presentation is an extensive pdf distributed by the New York offices to every region’s offices for agents to use in their presentation of qualifications to potential clients looking to sell their property. While much of the content is standardized for national representation, from the outset it leans heavily towards the visualization for New York and East Coast markets. With every update to the presentation, in changes of data and boilerplate content, I made specific adjustments to certain imagery, mockups, and other details in order for the content to seem more relevant to the California market. 


Aside from a bio page for the agent, requests for custom pages covering property-specific marketing proposals, awards, publications, and other content were easily fulfilled while matching the Douglas Elliman brand guidelines and the unique collateral-specific design architecture.


Dimensions: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (8.5″ x 11″) final trim
Intent: can be presented on screen, sent via e-mail, or printed and bound for in-person meetings.

A PDF rendition of a standard listing presentation with custom pages developed specifically for the agent’s requests. The property owner’s name has been redacted.