Douglas Elliman Branded Advertisements

Douglas Elliman, Print Advertising

Examples of print advertisements under the Douglas Elliman branding style that was launched in 2020 and further developed through use. Advertisements ranged from campaign-specific approaches for the company itself to property advertisements and agent-promotional advertisements. Regardless of the content and adjustment requests by the agent, the ads could easily be identified as being part of the Douglas Elliman Brand.


Dimensions: variable based on publication and ad reservations.

A 2-page spread advertisement for the Los Angeles Times including multiple properties, multiple agent contact information, and an organized list of open houses.

Although curtailed by changes in the market due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, I developed the layouts and design architecture for multi-property, multi-agent advertisements that were briefly published in the Los Angeles Times, Daily Pilot (Orange County), and MLS Caravan. Changes in market advertising, readership, and directives lead to the designs’ dormancy. 

An advertisement for Tracy Tutor specifically designed to match her branding requirements, the property's branding requirements, Douglas Elliman branding, and legal requirements.

Custom ads were designed to match agent-specific or property-specific branding requirements while maintaining visual alignment with Douglas Elliman’s corporate brand language. As with all advertisements that I developed, I was thorough in oversight for compliance to California Real Estate advertising laws.