A property advertisement for Lisa Optican as run in Hamptons Magazine.

Lisa Optican Property Marketing

Douglas Elliman, Lisa Optican, Print Advertising, Social Media

Lisa Optican, a highly touted and successful independent agent, has a unique approach to her marketing strategies compared with other agents: refined, restrained, and particular to each property. 


With this in mind, each of her listings has its own mini-brand, complete with color palette, typography, and messaging. The agent’s logo rests within each marketing piece as a detail, not the primary focus. This is an opposite approach compared to most other high-end real estate agents, and it has been a formula for success.

Examples shown here include print advertising, social media posts, and property-specific emails.


As with most projects developed for agents under Douglas Elliman, the designer is rarely, if ever, given a copy of their work. With this consideration, mockups demonstrate the final product.


Assets Produced: print advertisements, social media collateral, email designs.

Examples of social media posts and stories under Lisa Optican’s property-specific brand approach.

An e-mail using property-specific branding.

An example of an email using property-specific branding.