Buyer’s Guide Brochure 2023–

Douglas Elliman, Corporate Brochure

For 2023, the Western Region of Douglas Elliman took the initiative to re-design the Buyer’s Brochure. The intent was for the brochure to be useful as a quick take-away which an agent can either grab from the office or order via the company’s printing partners to have the agent’s contact information on the back page. The new design employed a cover that ties it to the Western Region-specific yard sign design, and reduced yet effective interior copy, and a series of data points promoting the company’s strength. 

A Seller’s Guide was developed as well with a corresponding title and interior copy adapted.

Variations of interior copy and imagery were developed to adjust for specific markets such as Colorado and Texas.

The Buyer’s Guide is shown here. A similar Seller’s Guide has adjustments to the title and interior copy. Interior spreads may have adjustments for image choice and copy (if applicable) to area-specific markets. The back page remains constant regardless of region or topic. 

The back page can have no agent contact information and be available as a take-away brochure at the ready for an agent to pick up in a Douglas Elliman office, or the agent can order their own sets of these brochures with their specific contact information.


Dimensions: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (8.5″ x 11″) trim size.