Ammon Baker Brand Identity

Ammon Baker Team, Douglas Elliman, Brand Identity, Logo Design

Two agents with a long history of working in the unique real estate market of the San Gabriel Valley decided to team up, and I was eager to provide a much-needed brand identity that would vastly improve the agents’ previous individual logos. Having been raised for much of my life in the San Gabriel Valley, I am very familiar with the design language and aesthetics that would serve to represent the agents’ business as integrated into the community-driven and established-history values of the area. Ultimately, the agents decided to use a logo that combined their two previous designs into one, with the process explained under the “Expound!” area below. These are the concepts which were developed for the project.

Gina Ammon and Donna Baker each had logo designs that needed revision, both for technical requirements and to set a brand tone for attracting new clients. Baker’s logo consisted of a heavy-weighted serif paired with a sign font paired with clip art of a lamp post. Gina Ammon’s logo consisted of her name matched with a scanned drawing of a house made by her young daughter. With these starting points in mind, I targeted a design strategy that would utilize font choices referring to an established history, an important part of San Gabriel Valley identity, along with visual cues that anchor the team’s place as part of the community.

Option 1, both in A and B iterations, uses an icon with references to the San Gabriel Mountains which are an iconic backdrop to the communities and cities of the area in which the team does business, and either a representation of a classic home or arrangement of local flora. Options 2 and 3 combine the letters of their names into a recognizable shape that looks forward into the future while displaying elements of an established history.  Everything was designed with the personal knowledge of the San Gabriel Valley living experience.

Ultimately the agents opted to take their two previous logo designs and, quite literally, put them together into one, carrying over all of the issues from the previous logos and adding in elements that are not required, nor recommended, to include on any logo. Despite this, I am proud of the work that was done for the team on a very short time constraint.

Round 1 of the Brand Identity design presentation for the client. Although the client opted to go in a completely different direction as noted in the project description, I am proud of the work that went into the first round of design options. I believe that each of the options presented here would have led to a very distinctive, recognizable, and professional representation of the clients’ business to the San Gabriel Valley real estate market.